What is Sasang Constitutional Medicine?

Korean Sasang Constitutional Medicine is one of the systems of Oriental Medicine.
Sasang Constitution Medicine separate into four genetic types.

1. the Greater Yang constitution / Tae-yangin

2. the Lesser Yang constitution / So-yangin

3. the Greater Yin constitution / Tae-eumin

4. the Lesser Yin constitution / So-eumin

This body type of Sasang constitutional will be determined by major internal organs in the body that are involved in the body's metabolism to distinguish.

1. Dominant lung and recessive river / Tae-yangin

2. Dominant pancreas and recessive kidney / So-yangin

3. Recessive lung and dominant river / Tae-eumin

4. Recessive pancreas and dominant kidney / So-eumin

Based on this four body types, the each constitution has general guideline for the food and living. Sasang constitutional medicine promotes the concept that people can live a long and healthy life by sticking to the general guideline for each constitution, and that disease can be easily cured by treating them with the personalized treatment in their constitution.

Physical appearance

Constitution Appearance
 Tae-yang  Large head, thick neck, round face
Large upper body compared to lower body
Well developed chest but week waist and hips
Unstable standing posture
Not easy to walk for long distance

 So-yang  Protruding head shape and thin neck
V-shaped face shape
Sharp eyes, thin lips
Well developed upper body but week lower body
Wide shoulder and chest with narrow hips
Unstable walking

 Tae-eum  Round face and thin neck
Defined facial feature, big eyes, thick lips
Weak upper body but developed lower body
Muscle easily develop
Looks healthy but actually not, rough skin
Strong waist, stable posture and walking
Usually less activity compared to eating
Obesity or constipation

 So-eum  Looks gentle and mild
Small face and oval shaped face
Small facial feature
Short height, small physique, thin, and weak
Narrow chest, wide hips, fat lower abdomen
Walk with a slight stoop



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