The Hospital opened its doors in 1994 as a subsidiary of Kwang Dong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, one of the biggest Korean pharmaceutical companies.

Since the first day, we are dedicated to meeting your health and wellness needs. To achieve this goal, a holistic, patient-oriented approach is promoted. Western (conventional) medicine makes accurate diagnosis and effectively addresses a wide range of health issues. Oriental Medicine leads you to a better health by strengthening and awakening natural healing forces.

Treatment programs are usually individualized (based on conditions). However, if you are looking for improvement of overall health condition (preventive care) or better looks, we have packages and standardized treatment programs to offer as well (Wellness).

According to the statistic announced by Ministry of Health and Welfare, Kwangdong hospital has served the most number of foreign patiens among medical facilities of Oriental medicine. Our patients come all over the world such as from Japan, China, Mongolia, Hongkong, Taiwan, Malaysia, USA, UK, Filand, France, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and so on.

There are mote than 100 foreign patients every month who look for cosmetic treatments like facial acupuncture, alignment treatments like Chuna (Manual Therapy) and other relaxing health care treatment.

For your convenience, the following services are offered :
- International Medical Center (English, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Mongolian Interpertation)
- 1:1 VIP Protocol Service
- Private Treatment Rooms
- International Delivery of Herbal Medicine
- Hotel Reservation

We are certified from ISO.



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