Anti-aging clinic - Facial acupuncture

As the standard of living has been upgraded and the women have more opportunities to work at the company, the lady's desire for beauty have been increased.
Petite Facial Acupuncture and Intensive Care Facial Acupuncture is the scientification of Korean traditional medicine, has been developed with high-tech acupuncture in order to regenerate skin naturally.
They are very effective for wrinkle resolution, minimizing pore, whitening, firmness and cell regeneration.
As it is not a surgery, the patient come back to daily life right after treatment.

Petite Facial Acupuncture

This type of acupuncture is also known as facial rejuvenation acupuncture, cosmetic acupuncture, or acupuncture face lift. Ultra-fine needles are inserted into or around specific wrinkles, acupoints, and muscle point.

The procedure promotes the collagen production, skin elasticity, puffiness removal, and the skin tone improvement. 

Intensive Care Facial Acupuncture

For the treatment a special acupuncture technique called "percussive" is used.
The procedure promotes the collagen production, the cell rejuvenation in the targeted area, the reduction or erasure of fine lines, the softening of deeper wrinkles, the skin texture improvement, and the facial contour refinement. The treatment will provide you with longer lasting effect (6~8 months in general) compared to Petite Facial Acupuncture.


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