"Great inheritance -The world desires Dongui Bogam" was aired on KBS.

Why modern medicine desires Chosun medicine(Korean medicine) 400 years ago?
What could be happened if Heo Jun the Chosun doctor who made Dongui Bogam in 17th century appears in modern hospital? Heo Jun diagnosed "So-gal" which is almost similar to diabetes in western medicine. The world's great scholars were amazed so much when KBS production staffs presented Chosun medical books including Dongui Bogam.
What is the reason? What is with Dongui Bogam and the other Chosun medical books?

She is metastatic breast cancer patient.
The doctors decided to do not only radiation therapy but also chemotherapy which is stronger.

She had vomit, indigestion, heartburn, headache, and all sort of side effects.

In the hospital, they recommended her to have acupuncture treatment together.

Gary Wagman, Ph.D., - Acupuncturist and doctor of oriental medicine

"When the cancer patient comes, I read Dongui Bogam to figure out what kind of tumor it is and how the condition is. Dongui Bogam has very detailed information."

"Dongui Bogam considers even the energy related tumor location, and component in tumor. All the information is well explained in it. Western medicine cannot explain about this since the treatment only concentrates on cancer itself. However, Dongui Bogam and Oriental medicine concentrate on human."

She was able to work full time again one week after she had oriental medicine together and she is happy now that she can do housework as well.

Vitaly Napadow, PhD.,- Associate professor at the Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School in Boston, MA.

"Traditional medicine already has existed and evolved before modern medicine exists. The theory of traditional medicine could be correct or wrong but if there is any country not amicable with traditional medicine, I would like to say 'To burn one's house to get rid of the mice.' Not everything is true but it doesn't mean everything isn't truth. I can say traditional medicine is effective and useful for sure."

Austin Harold(21)
Patient receiving oriental medicine treatment in Duke University Hospital

He collapsed due to serious stroke in 2013. 
He couldn't use his right arms and legs, and couldn't see his right side by both eyes. 
The biggest problem was aphasia due to brain damage.
Traditional medicine improved his slow rehabilitation of language function way quicker together with right body movement.

"I played soccer last week with my friend. I can feel the function of my right body is getting much better."



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