Oriental Medicine

Philosophy of Korean Traditional Medicine (Oriental Medicine)

Korean Traditional medicine has a long story and tradition. DongeuiBogam is the first book registered with the World Heritage Site of Unesco.
The major philosophy is preventative medicine. The following phases express what is Korean Traditional medicine exactly.
Focus on prevention of disease in the future rather than focus on serious disase.-Yellow Emperor's inner canon-

Principles of Korean Traditional Medicine

Korean traditional medicine can treat various diseases from common disease to those are hard to cure.

By enhancing the function of one's immune system, Korean medicine cures the root cause of diseases.

First, Korean tradtional medicine consider human body as a small universe. Nature-born individual constitution and the connection with nature is very important.

Second, focus on the increase of immunity and improve of natural healing force.
Third, Korean medicine Dr. prescribes Herbal medicine along with individual's physical condition and constitution.



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