Our Detox diet program help our patients lose weight without any injury to body and become healthier than before. Prior to Doctor's consultation, Health Care Manager facilitates patient's In Body exam in order to find out the body fat and muscle mass and help patient check detailed medical questionnaire for current condition.

After consultation with doctor, all treatment plans are suggested depends on patient's body condition and type. Patients are provided specialized Diet Herbal Medicine consists of 3 different types - Drinking type, Detox granule, and Nutritional granules. And before taking herbal medicine, we examine blood test to check patient's liver function, renal function and complete blood cell as complimentary.

System : Metabolic Syndrome, Fatty Liver, Hypertension


Customized herbal medicine, Percussive acupuncture, Electro-lipolisys acupuncture, Detox therapy, Moxibustion or Phyto steam chair, Manual therapy, Body slimming exercise

1 Day diet program
Herbal Medicine (3 different type)
Customized Diet Treatment (click for more details)


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