Intensive Care Facial Acupuncture Effect

The effect of Kwangdong intensive care facial acupuncture

Kwangdong Intensive Care Facial Acupuncture is anti-aging procedure that stimulates subcutaneous layer by a fine needle to promote cell rejuvenation. This facial acupuncture procedure promotes the collagen production, cell rejuvenation, fine wrinkles improvement, deep wrinkles improvement, skin texture improvement, and facial contour refinement.

The clinical research on the effect of Jae-seng Acupuncture(facial acupuncture) on the Nasolabial and Eye Wrinkles
-eCAM(Evidence Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine) Feb.2015-

What is possible with Kwangdong Facial Acupuncture?

1. Stimulate each cells in the subcutaneous layer by detailed skill.

2. This facial acupuncture relaxes tens muscle on the face and promotes elasticity that can improve the wrinkles due to sagging muscle.

3. The doctor can personalize the depth and density of needle for each patient's condition and each part of face. Unlike MTS that only gives same depth, facial acupuncture can give different depth depends on the area specially eyes wrinkles, smile lines, and forehead wrinkles. Therefore, this facial acupuncture is more effective.

4. The specialized doctor in facial acupuncture with abundant clinical experience will perform the procedure for 30mins - 1 hour.

5. Kwangdong facial acupuncture has been announced in the global media and the effect is also proved in many papers and with patients.



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