Facial acupuncture experience - Ricky Kazaf The famous make up artist from HK

The famous make up artist "Ricky Kazaf" has visited Kwangdong for experiencing facial acupuncture.

You can watch the real review from him in the video.

The facial acupuncture he received is called "Petite facial acupuncture".

This facial acupuncture treatment is one of the anti-aging skin treatment of Kwangdong using 100 needles for the skin elasticity and brightness.

Facial acupuncture is only using needles without any surgical material or injection. Therefore, it has no side effect or recovery time. This treatment is also helpful for the aftercare of plastic surgery.

The needle stimulates on acupoint, skin tissue, fat tissue, and muscle layers which promotes blood circulation, lifting sagging skin, and brightening skin tone for anti-aging.

It stimulates each facial muscle and other tissue layers that creates wrinkles.

Facial acupuncture has not only aesthetic improvement but also functional improvement.

- Aesthetic improvement : lifting, brightening, facial contouring, asymmetry improvement, skin trouble improvement

- Functional improvement : headache, swelling, eye switching, facial nerve palsy, etc.

The effect of Petite facial acupuncture:

-improve the function of microcirculation by removing bodily waste and detox effect. 

-when it is promoting microcirculation, it removes extravasated blood which is very important for blood circulation.

-promote collagen and elastin.



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