Korean Medicinal Tea, Ssang Hwa Tea!

Today I would like to introduce you to Ssang Hwa tea.

This tea can also be called as Korean Medicinal tea and it is one of the most winterlike Korean tea. 
Therefore not to mention, a tea that most people enjoy during winter.

Drinking this Black Herbal tea can bring you many benefits. Such as boosting up your immunity, easy recovery from tiredness, improved blood circulation, and furthermore preventing you from catching cold.

You might wonder exactly how and why it is that good for you.

Ssang Hwa tea strengthens organ and dilates vessels. This leads to easier flow in blood through the whole body. The herbs that are used in making this tea (Licorice, Cinnamon, Korean date, Milk vetch root, and more) warm up the system and guards up your body with enhanced immunity.

However, for those of you with weaker intestinal system and the ones with too much heat than average others should not be drinking it too much.

Stay warm and healthy with a cup of Ssang Hwa Tea!


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