It is not a tattoo, it is cupping!

What is Cupping?


Cupping therapy is one of the most basic treatments in Korean traditional medicine, followed by acupuncture. Although it is done generally along with acupuncture, it’s still a treatment under the veil for many people.


Here are some celebrities who have had cupping therapy.

BTS Suga
Gwyneth Paltrow

Victoria Beckham
As you can see form the picture, the treatment leaves red circular marks on the treated area.

The marks left on your body slowly fade and then disappears.

The red circles on average stays on for about 7~10days, shorter or longer depending on your skin type and how intense the treatment was done.


What is the benefit of cupping therapy?

The most representative effect of this therapy is “舒筋活絡” (Seogeunhwallak).

This means, to ease the muscle and requicken the meridian.


There are two types of cupping treatment:

Dry cupping : How dry cupping is done is very simple, put the cupping cup on the meridian spot and suck all the air out in the cup and leave it on for 15~20 minutes. This way, it helps the congested blood circulation to run better to ease the burden on the muscle.

Wet cupping :  
All the procedure is done exactly the same, but one. Before putting the cup on, the doctor uses lancet pen to prick on the meridian spot. This is to directly let out the toxins in the blood clogged up in the meridian spot. This wet cupping is effective for inflammation and muscle ache.
Justin Bieber

Hailey Baldwin

If you have not tried cupping yet, have a go! It does not hurt and it will ease your pain!

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