How to deal with hot flush

Solution to menopausal flushing, featuring Dr. Choi Woo Jung

Doctor Choi Woo Jung featured on the 2873th episode of a TV program “Life and economy”.

This episode mainly deals with the symptoms that appear to female going through menopausal period and what are they.

Doctor Choi mentioned, menopausal symptoms appear due to estrogen decrease. This then makes one hard to control body temperature, face blushes, and sweats out of nowhere. On average such symptoms last 1 to 3 minutes for 5 to 10times a day. Your collagen in your skin drops rapidly especially during menopausal period, and if you do not find any other way, it can be really uneasy to recover.

The doctor has introduced Natto(traditional Japanese food made out of soybeans and it is fermented) and Red ginseng to be good for the symptoms listed above.

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