Why don’t you try Korean Medicinal Diet?

Doctor KANG tells you how lose weight effectively!

Many of us try to lose weight before the holiday season. For this reason, we tend to exercise excessively to get rid of fat in a very short period of time. However, this way of losing weight is not helpful, but also could cause your weight rebound.

 NURI KANG the doctor of Kwangdong Oriental Hospital says “It is ideal to lose 5~7% of your body fat in a month is a healthier rate of diet.” And also mentions “By starving yourself or let your body workout way too much is just like loaning your future health for today.” That is why hardcore diet can make people age quickly.

 However, even if the weight drop is not an impressive, your body curve can change focusing on how you tried to lose weight is what the doctor says. In Korean Medicine, the very first thing to do is to check your body type. This is to see why and how you gain weight or why you tend to gain fat easier on certain part of your body; which is finding the root cause. By solving such problem, it magnifies the correction of body shape.

 Doctor KANG notes “The base line of all is the prescription of Herbal Medicine; this helps with overall weight loss by changing your body type. For us doctors in the hospital, we also take the medicine as the first option. To increase the effect, the very first 2 days, we keep our selves empty stomach, and then we take the medicine and eat under the diet.”

 People these days tend to over eat when considering the mass of activity. They are also likely to have poor body circulations which cause your body to swell up. In Korean Medicine, we treat such symptom with herbal medicine and treatments. This is one other feature that Weight losing medicine can help you with.

For treatment wise, the doctor recommends the Fat down Acupuncture. This treatment is done on body parts that concern you the most. Once the acupuncture is in, the electric current flows into your body through the acupuncture. By doing this, it detaches fat in your body so that it enables you to get rid of them faster. The acupuncture used is a very fine needle, so if you are worried about pain, you do not need to worry about that.

After the Fat down Acupuncture, then follows high frequency treatment. This is done on the area you had acupunctures on. The high frequency wave causes heat, which then helps destroy fat cells. Not only that, it causes the epidermis layer to produce collagen, elastin and etc that helps with lifting and rejuvenate.

There are other treatments to help lose weight, with different programs. From "One day detox" to "Detox enema". There are number of patients from overseas visiting us for Beauty and Diet program, hope to see you soon!

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