Let's get Detoxed!

Let's get Detoxed!

Kwangdong Oreiental Hospital was featured in Cosmopolitan Korea for detox program!

Following is the comment written by one of the editor after experiencing the program.

For Detox I headed to Kwangdong Oriental Hospital, where they offer oriental treatment for people these days so used to high calorie and fatty food. First of all, I had a consultation with Korean Medicine doctor Woo Jung CHOI. Then I was diagnosed to try detox program they had. This program consists of Herbal Medicine, Circulation Acupuncture, Fat down Acupuncture, and Herbal Wrapping.

1.Herbal Medicine
It helps to let out extravasated blood and toxins in your body. It also helps you to control your appetite.

2. Circulation and Fat down Acupuncture
Circulation acupuncture just like its name helps blood circulation from head to toe. Fat down acupuncture is where acupuncture is placed on your concerning area and run electric current to help detach the fat. Which therefore makes it easier to decompose the fat.

3. Herbal Wrapping
Herbal wrapping is using steamed herbs to wrap the area that most needs detox. I have also felt my body warmed up and circulated.

After all the procedures, I did not feel the immediate size changed after the Fat down acupuncture. However, I did felt the circulation boosted and detoxed; feeling lighter after the treatment.
Currently I am on the third week of having the Herbal medicine. This medicine sure does hold down the apetite, helps me from body swelling up, and I do not sweat anymore without any reason! For this last effect of the Herbal medicine, I am very satisfied!

International Clinic Team

Kwangdong Hospital of Korean Traditional Medicine
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Tel : 02-2222-4907 (Local) / 82-2-2222-4907 (Overseas) 


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