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Middle East features Kwangdong Oriental Hospital

One of the biggest Media in UAE the "Al Arabiya" has visted Kwangdong Oriental Hospital on 22nd of December 2017. They were very interested in the service and treatment that O-Haeng center have to offer.

On the day of the visit, we have demonstrated one of the most popular beauty treatment, The Petite Facial Acupuncture.

This beauty treatment has various benefits. You will be able to see  the skin tone has brightened up with natural glow, elasticity, puffiness removed skin, and it helps make the overall face shape symmetrical. Above all, there is no side effect. However, bruising may occur to 10-20% of people (this depends on the skin's sensitivity). It is size of finger nail, and fades in three to four days on average.

Fat Down Acupuncture was another treatment that the broadcast was highly interested in.
This type of acupuncture stimulates the fat layer and we add in the low current of electricity to help detangle the fat. You will be able to see better result when you work out on the day after the treatment is done.

Not only the beauty and diet treatments, we have also introduced Herbal Wrapping treatment.
This treatment is done to the patient frequently and deals with diverse symptoms. Prenatal, Postnatal, Menopausal symptoms, Diet, Pain management and more. The procedure is very simple yet precise, we only use herbs that are edible and the ones that has been confirmed of quality by the doctors of Kwangdong Oriental Medicine Hospital.

Due to various treatments and Kwangdong's distinct way of helping out the patients, which is treating patients not only using Traditional Oriental way but also using Western way to help cure people not well. Since there are no such hospital harmonizing the oriental medical techniques to the western,  the"Al Arabiya" staff members willingly stayed in longer. Ending up delaying the schedule after that day. For us O-Haeng Center staffs, we very much enjoyed sharing our perspective on the harmonization of East and the West.

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