Acupuncture Therapy to Relieve Pain and Stress | Kwangdong Oriental Medicine Hospital

Kwangdong hospital is a famous health and beauty hospital in term of combining between traditional korean medicine and modern medicine. We are offering wide range of health and beauty treatment by specialists in various fields. The important thing is that acupuncture is presently used to achieve better health and happiness by using minimal chemicals. Acupuncture has been used to treat many illnesses whether it is body pain or allergies. But in Kwangdong hospital, acupuncture is also used in beauty and weight loss. These kind of treatment rely mainly on natural mechanism of body which means neither operation nor chemical are involved. Furthermore, many kinds of native herb are also applied with health and beauty therapies such as moxibustion or spa by wrapping body with herbs that promote good body system and overall health condition, as well as radiant skin.


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