A Nonsurgical Way to Lift, Tighten, and Tone Skin - Collaboration between No.1 lifting laser " Ultherapy" and "Intensive care facial acupuncture" in Korea

W-Power lifting of Kwangdong
The new nonsurgical anti-aging treatment in Korea

What are the benefits of this collaboration between Ultherapy and Intensive facial acupuncture?

Ultherapy is well-known nonsurgical lifting laser that gives good effect for deep wrinkles and double chin reduction. Intensive care facial acupuncture can maximize the lifting effect and give additional effects such as moisturising, fine wrinkles, pore reduction, and acne scar reduction aside from deep wrinkles lifting.

Ultherapy give strong ultrasonic energy to subcutaneous layer and SMAS layer.
This stimulation create collagen that lifts sagging skin and give tightening effect.

Intensive care facial acupuncture isn't just simple MTS treatment. 
The doctor controls the depth of needle from 2-15mm on subcutaneous layer. The acupoints are individually different since every patient has different symptom.



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