What are the solution for chronic fatigue?

Most of modern people are stressed and tired very much.
If you are always tired even you take a enough and you feel weak, you have to doubt if you have chronic fatigue.
If so, how are you going to solve this chronic fatigue problem?
The cause of chronic fatigue cannot be easily found by western medicine.

In oriental medicine, it focuses to find the weak part of the body and protect from the disease which increase natural remedy ability in the body.

The below conditions are the symptoms of chronic fatigue :

- tired body

- getting bad eyesight

- yawning often in the day time

- muscle pain or headache

- forgetfulness

- insomnia

- nervousness

- depressed

- distracted

- swelling lymph node

The solution of Chronic fatigue

Doctor's consultation to find the reason

Customized herbal medicine to improve function of organ and tiredness

Acupuncture for blood circulation, Pharmacopuncture, Detoxtherapy, Herbal wrapping, Moxibustion, Physiotherapy



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