Review from patient - Facial acupuncture

Today, Singaporean couple have visited Kwangdong oriental medicine hospital for cosmetic facial acupuncture treatment. 
It was their first time to try facial acupuncture.
Take a look their review.

Photo with our doctor for their facial acupuncture.
Her husband is not in the photo because he was shy. :)

The both patient received cosmetic facial acupuncture.
Review : I was honestly tensed at the beginning when i heard there are more than 100 needles. However, the physician was gentle in administering the needles and she explained what to expect in the next steps so giving much assurance. The tightness on the face is quite apparent. The effect after treatment was good with the ampoule and face mask to cool down the sensation and final outcome is a brighten and tighter face.
Pleased with the overall experience, including the administration, cleansing, preparation services provided by all the staff, especially translation provided by Jenny (English consultant at Kwangdong)

Review : I was astonished by the number of needles used.
Some were slightly painful but generally bearable. 
The face feels tight after the treatment with obvious reduction especially on the laugh lines. Looking forward to see how long the effects would last.

Hospital environment is neat and clean. Staff members are polite and helpful. Jenny who liaise with me on my booking is especially helpful and very detail in her briefing and translation throughout the whole visit.


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